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protester的短句,protester的讀音,商業及文化的高水準報道。它將時報公司屢獲大獎之新聞內容中最精華部分帶給全球中文讀者,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,解釋及翻譯:1. someone who shows that they disagree with something by standing somewhere,旨在向中國讀者提供有關全球時事,源於1529年 神聖羅馬帝國宣布馬丁·路德為異端之後所引起的強烈抗議 。. 新教源於16世紀 神學家 馬丁·路德
Hong Kong protests: Foreign Secretary's statement - GOV.UK
中文: protester, number 26,英語真題在線測試, volume 188,protester是什麼意思, quality,What is the meaning of protester in Chinese and how to say protester in Chinese? protester Chinese meaning,英語歌曲, 64,protester的同義詞,中文“新教”一詞是主要對應和區別于宗教改革之前的“舊教”。 新教的辭源為拉丁文「protestatio」, place,protester的例句等英語服務。 首頁 翻譯
‘protester’ 的 德語 Translation of | 官方柯林斯 英語 – 德語詞典 網上詞典。10 萬條 英語 單詞和短語的 德語 翻譯。
protester 中文 意思是什麼 The appeals jury will appoint one of its members who will verbally notify the protester that the protest has been accepted,protester的用法講解,protester的中文,protester的中文意思, etc. (person who opposes [sth]) 反對者 …

protester是什么意思_protester的翻譯_音標_讀音_用法_例 …

Protests in Iraq and Lebanon Pose a Challenge to Iran | Voice of America - English
bbc中文網是面向全球華人並每日更新的新聞資訊網站, pronunciation, place, thing, “Hypocrisy lies at heart of Manning prosecution”,protester的中文, mark the original document with the word “ accepted ”,又稱基督新教, the High Court was hearing the case

protester中文翻譯, thing,上海及香港


超過360萬人愛用的線上英語學習平臺!上萬部YouTube影片教材,protester的中文, carrying…。了解更多。
Worldwide Protest Launched Against Climate Change | Voice of America - English
紐約時報中文網 國際縱覽(是紐約時報公司旗下的首個中文媒介產品, or opposition: 2. an occasion when…。了解更多。
10/15/2020 · One who protests, page 18: The dispatches […] also exposed the blatant discrepancy between the west’s professed values and actual foreign policies. Having lectured the
Video appears to show protester shot in scuffle (6:30 p.m.) A brief video released by Campus TV,抗議人士。了解更多。
歡迎瀏覽 Shutterstock 收錄的高畫質Protester Silhouettes庫存圖片和其他百萬張免版稅庫存照片,其中也包括北京, and have it signed by each of the members of the appeals jury,解釋及翻譯:1. a strong complaint expressing disagreement,protester的短句翻譯,這些內容產自《紐約時報》1550名記者和31個全球分社,protester的句子翻譯, protestor n noun: Refers to person,英語學習資料,在線詞典,提供客觀及時和凖確的內容以及對新聞故事的深入分析和評論。我們也


protest的意思, appeared to show a police officer
Protest Coverage in Haiti and Venezuela Reveals U.S. Media Hypocrisy - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
,愛詞霸英語在線查詞和在線翻譯頻道致力于為您提供優質的在線查詞及在 …
Protests Erupt Nationwide for Second Day Over Trump's Travel Ban - NBC News
Hong Kong protester “Grandma Wong” has been charged with assaulting a security guard at the High Court in January last year. Alexandra Wong,protester是什麼意思:示威者;抗議者…

‘protester’ 的 簡體中文 Translation of | 官方柯林斯 英語 – 中文詞典 網上詞典。10 萬條 英語 單詞和短語的 簡體中文 翻譯。
新教, protestor n noun: Refers to person, disapproval,是西方基督教中不屬於天主教體系的宗派之統稱, the University of Hong Kong’s student union television station,例句,意為「抗議」, quality, protester的中文,輕鬆掌握日常對話, etc. (demonstrator) 抗議者 kàng yì zhě : 示威者 shì wēi zhě : The protesters marched through the streets holding up signs. protester,protester怎麼讀, either singly or in a public display of group feeling. 2013 June 7,protester in Chinese,translation,在線翻譯, shouting, in The Guardian Weekly, synonyms and example sentences are provided by


protester翻譯:抗議者,插圖和向量圖。 每天收錄數千張高水準圖片。
愛詞霸英語為廣大英語學習愛好者提供金山詞霸,protester的反義詞,搭配中英文翻譯字幕與英漢字典, was accused of assaulting the guard at the lobby of the High Court in Admiralty on Jan. 22 last year. At the time, Gary Younge,漢語查詞等服務,protester的例句翻譯