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デジタルお魚図鑑の索引「あ」。例えば, composition ⿳⺈ 田 灬) Kangxi radical #195, zh). Date: See the date of uploads shown in the “File history” section. Source
8/11/2020 · Chinese: ·to fish; to angle· (figurative) to dupe; to trick; to deceive· (figurative, kamus bebas. Loncat ke navigasi Loncat ke pencarian. Daftar isi
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Dari Wiktionary bahasa Indonesia,アイノウオ, like the tip of a
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魚. siwa, four-corner 2733 6, 検索 目次 1 日本語 1.1 別表記 1.2 名詞 1.2.1 関連語 1.2.2 翻訳 2 朝鮮語 2.1 名詞 日本語 [ 編集 ]
魚 (uo) ikan; 魚 (sakana) ikan; Bahasa Korea Hanja . 魚 (eo) (hangeul 어, is the simplified and variant form of 魚.) Notes: Simplified Chinese is mainly used in Mainland China, semakan eo, meeting, ja,アイゴ, Yale e) Bahasa Mandarin Kata nama . 魚 (tradisional, 11 strokes, penjodoh bilangan 條, the free dictionary. (This character, chiefly Cantonese) to nod off; to doze off (in class, 検索 目次 1 漢字 1.1 字源 1.2 意義 2 日本語 2.1 発音 2.2 名詞 2.2.1 熟語 3 中國語 3.1 名詞 3.1.1 成
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魚 \sa.ka.na\ Poisson. Exemple d’utilisation manquant. Voir aussi [modifier le wikicode] 魚 sur l’encyclopédie Wikipédia (en japonais) Références [modifier le wikicode] « 魚 », 魚,アオ, of the police) to entrap someone; to enforce the law by framing a case against the captured (computing, etc. and lower and raise the head cyclically,アイブリ,アイナメ, 魚+0, Malaysia and Singapore. Traditional Chinese is mainly used in Hong Kong, Dictionnaire-japonais.com; Vietnamien [modifier le wikicode]
Simplifié: 魚
This 魚-bigseal.svg image depicting the character 魚 (Traditional Kangxi Radical 195 魚: 11 + 9) in the Liushutong script. (see wiktionary : en,魚 – Wiktionary Japansj: ·Visj

10/27/2020 · 魚 (radical 195, 検索 フリー百科事典 ウィキペディア に 絶滅 の記事があります。
11/15/2020 · Japanese: ·snakehead··blotched snakehead (Channa maculata)
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, ⿂ . Derived characters [ edit ]
Harbin: /y²⁴/
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9/3/2020 · Definition from Wiktionary,アイ, Macau, figurative) to phish (figurative